This is the question we keep getting asked, so the purpose of this blog is to be able to point people in the direction of our reasoning, rather than keep having to explain ourselves over and over again. The thing is, the reasons anybody does anything are often more complex than they first appear. I suppose the easy answer is because it is an adventure, or we want to live somewhere warmer, but in truth we had come to a point where we couldn’t carry on living the way we were.

You see, we ran our own business, and up until February 2009 this had been highly successful, mostly down to John’s relationship with our main client, but it was managing to sustain a staff team of 6. Then the dreaded telephone call came ‘stop all work’ from £25k a month spend, to nothing, we were crushed. Never ones to be downhearted and ever the entrepreneurs we set about ensuring the business would survive, there would have to be cutbacks, and we would have to diversify, but we were great financial planners, intelligent, well educated, hardworking and creative thinkers, it would be fine…wouldn’t it? Well here we are nearly five years later, and we are fine, sure it hasn’t returned to where we were, in fact we’ve had to invest nearly every bit of cash we could lay our hands on, but we still have a business. In fact we have a much better business, we have many smaller clients instead of one main one (spread the risk) and our business focus is much more ethical and hugely creative, but best of all, it’s mobile!

So this means we can live the life we choose, well sort of. As we’ve already mentioned, our house is huge, gorgeous, but a massive financial sink pot. Now between us we had four kids who have all left, been to university, come back gone travelling, come back again and are now building lives of their own. We’re really looking forward to the grandchildren arriving, but we keep getting reminded that’s not happening any time soon. John and I never went travelling as students, well apart from two weeks in Greece and a week hitch hiking in Scotland! We had no idea that gap years existed, we didn’t know what the possibilities were. Well in a strange way it’s thanks to our kids that we do now, and we have the resources and business model to find out more for ourselves.

So the reasons for our adventure are many fold, but the main thing is, we want to show our kids what is possible at our age (being old isn’t just about painful hips!) and; we absolutely do not want to get to the end of our lifetime and say, ”I wish…”

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  1. Rach Ford says:

    Your loo spoke to me with similar word of wisdom:

    If I had my time again… I would pick more daisies

    • John Spencer says:

      Oh yes. That poem (on the wall in our loo – in case any other readers thought Rach has Mis-typed) belongs in this blog. Very relevant sentiment.