First things first. We must put the house on the market. All the local estate agents are invited round to explain why they might offer a better service than another agent 100 yards away and a week (and a long discussion on a business train trip to London) later, our favourite is selected. It’s wonderful how excited they are about selling such a glorious house, and several further coincidences later (a woman at the agent’s office spent 10 years living in Greece, loves it, loves dogs and is planning to move to Norfolk – where Karen comes from) we’re reassured that we made the right choice.

How to let the news out? Our customers might feel that we’re abandoning them – we’re not – in fact we’re hoping that our service will now come with an even bigger smile! So one by one, we deliver the news and we’re surprised to find that everyone, to a man (and woman), thinks it’s amazing.  We’re also enjoying drip-feeding clues into our Facebook feeds: Anyone want to buy my car?

Then the chosen agent visits to photograph the house – we choose a collection of photos and begin to recount what we’ve achieved here – in the last 100 moons.

The listing appears on on the Thursday night, pictures appear Friday, first viewing Friday night, second viewing Saturday morning (a new moon starts today) then an offer the same day – happy new moon to you!

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  1. Caroline says:

    When things fall into place like that it assures you that you’re making the right decisions … I’m visiting with dad ASAP 😉

    • John Spencer says:

      Brilliant! We’ve been puzzled why we’ve not managed to drag you to Manchester yet. Naomi will be back here soon too so you’ll have many cousins to guide you round the delights this fair city has to offer. Just make sure it’s in the next few months… After that you’ll have to track me, Karen and the dogs down in Europe somewhere!

      • Karen Spencer says:

        I think she means somewhere warm and sunny John, not rainy old Manchester, but you should come before we go Caroline. John’s 50th might be worth it!