So, here’s where we’re at…

Karen & I got together later in life – at around the grand old age of 500 moons or so (our early 40′s in sun-cycle units) – both of us finally arriving at the place we realised we should always have been, but had long written off the possibility as a fairy-tale that doesn’t happen in real life.

We then set about the task of a rapid catch up: buy a big house; conjoin teenage families; holidays; new business together; get married (walk to the church at the end of the road, marquee in garden); neighbours; new business premises; lost contracts; shrink back to home-base-office; art on the walls; my parents’ deaths; children flying the nest; young adults returning for stepping stones; recession and work, work, work…

100 moons together and we have a business now that works from home – it’s internet based mostly – in fact it could work from anywhere on the planet.

We’ve got a grand old house – I always declare it’s the ‘most beautiful house in the world’. But we don’t need all these rooms and all this stuff.

And we only have 400 moons left…

So now we have a radicle adventure in mind…

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  1. Linda says:

    Wow :) This is so very inspiring and heartwarming to know that there are folks out there who have exactly the right idea. The very best of luck to you both x

  2. John Tweats says:

    Quiet a surprise …..and good luck. Been to a few Greek places not found a bad one. I trust you have more than 400 moons left !

    • John Spencer says:

      With the average age of death in the UK being 80.75 I think my Dad died at about 80.75 coincidentally. I’m about 615 now so I doubt I’m clock up another 400, unless, of course, my new life keeps me fit and well much longer :)