HarryandPennyinBordeauxWe are the dogs! To some that may seem like we are lesser beings than the humans, but we are well aware that we come top of their list of priorities, after all, we are the whole reason they are making this journey in the first place, otherwise they would have flown, much quicker and as we have learned, a lot less work for them, although not something we are both agreed that we like the sound of!

Of course, when this began we had absolutely no idea what was going on. The first hint we had that something was changing was when the twins moved out. Neither of us were particularly bothered, apart from he fact that there was lots of bumping around moving the furniture, and it seemed that lots of things were disappearing. We love the girls, and it’s great to see them because they make lots of fuss of us, but they don’t very often do much for us, don’t get us wrong, they walk us and feed us, but not every day, not like mum and dad do.

The problem was that after that the disappearing stuff kept happening, and mum seemed to be busy putting things in boxes all the time when we just wanted to have a rub on the couch. Also, all our safe sleeping places, like under the front window kept disappearing, it was hard to get comfortable, we felt on edge…

But it was ok, Alison came, we like going to Alison’s she takes us on long walks and doesn’t mind if we get dirty. there are lots of cats at her house too so we get to play catch. They’re not very good at it though, they get really stressy! Neil’s great though, he lives with Alison, and he lets us get on the couch too and have a snuggle, we really like that. When we came back though, everything had changed, all our furniture had gone, and we had a strange new box on wheels on the drive with a bed in and sofas, but they weren’t really big enough for us to get on, but we did anyway. We could also smell that Murphy had been there, it just felt like it was not our territory, we didn’t really know what to make of it all, so we just stuck close together.

Harry and Penny - The BeginningAnyway, it was a really long day that day, but it was sunny which was nice because Mum and Dad were ever so busy putting things in different places, the house was really empty. We just laid down on our beds outside and kept watch on what was going on just in case, we didn’t want them to forget us. Lots of people kept coming round, they ignored us, but we didn’t mind, it was really hot and sunny. We did go for a walk with Dad, and Helen the funny woman from next door came, that was odd, she never normally comes with us for a walk, we liked it though, she loves us, we can tell.

After ages and ages we all got in the new big car and drove for not too long but Mum and Dad seemed really tired, we tried to be good. We were at a new place that smelled really good, but were tired too so we all just went to sleep. When we woke up we could smell rabbits, Harry went to investigate. There were lots of people that seemed to think they lived there too, but we soon put them straight, we barked a lot to let them know that it was our home not theirs, Mum and Dad told us off, I don’t know why. Another friend came, we slept in the sun again. Mum and Dad still seemed really tired, but they were smiling so we weren’t worried.mannyimage

The problem was that a couple of days later we started to get ready again, and then there was a really long drive this time. This seems to keep happening every few days. We’ve discovered though that although we don’t much like the car journeys, our home is still always there when we get there, with all the familiar smells and all our things i.e. food! Also, what is really cool is that we seem to be going on some ace walks every day, especially ones that include rivers, we’ve seen some amazing new animals, but so far they all seem to be speaking a foreign language! So as the sun sets on another adventurous day, we’ll enjoy sleeping with our owners in our new home and promise to keep you updated with the rest of our adventure.

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  1. Martin says:

    Woof Arf Arf Yowl Woof

  2. marianne says:

    Just to let u all know we are following ur adventure and loving the pictures x