So, we’re going! As you can imagine, we have been doing quite a bit of clearing, sorting and packing over the last few weeks, so opportunities to blog are rare. In fact, I’m not really sure I have the time to do this now! I’m quite sure my parents would be telling me I shouldn’t be, but then life is very different for us now as we were reminded during our mammoth downsizing clearance recently.


Apart from the fact that we have been excessively pondering over old photos and sentimental pieces of flotsam we pick up on our life’s journey (well John more than me actually because I have shed my skin a few more times than him), we have really enjoyed finding some old gems of a past almost unthinkable now.

In amidst the unopened ‘must keep’ boxes in the cellar were some hand typed letters that John’s mother had sent to him whilst he was at University. So touching, they recount a time when mobile phones were almost unheard of, the preserve of spy movies and brick holding city business executives, and phone boxes, whilst prevalent, were cold and often busy, full of foreign students around the university too. So John’s mother would use the occasional bit of down time in her office to type a little catch up letter probably to remind him that she cared! I particularly like the bit ‘we don’t hear from you much’, reminds me of my offspring, no news is often the best news…

Despite the vast array of instant communication methods available to us today, the house move, like most, has  still experienced its fare share of frustrations, including some rather infuriating paperwork delays ‘2 weeks, did we say 2? Sorry, we meant 9!’ It seems that this may all resolve itself soon however, fingers crossed, but in the meantime, we have just decided to go ahead and get going. With finances arranged for all our vehicles we are taking a giant leap of faith assuming that the universe is keen for us to complete this plan. So, this  next moon will be move on moon, Landy is registered, Nomad is booked, and the upside of having arranged all this is that we get to pack from the house to the van, we had been wondering how that would happen!

We’ve said a lot of farewells, although we don’t really see it that way. One friend said our departure was like the Tina Turner farewell tour, it goes on forever. So, with boxes appearing, and an inventory filling up, we bid you adieu for now, and for no other reason that a fellow dog walker asking for more villa shots, I will add the pictures of what we are moving towards. Until the next moon….


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