A hundred moons ago, about the time Karen and I got together, I took delivery of the world’s most incredible car. I chose to avoid the ‘sport’ shape and I also chose the ‘de-badge’ option (a strange phrase meaning that BMW doesn’t fit the model number on the boot – making it sound like they’re doing something special for you, when in fact they’re omitting to do something). I felt this was important because my next door neighbour had had their car stolen from them for a ram raid where the thieves came into their bedroom wearing masks to collect the keys!Bye bye BMW

I was travelling backward and forwards to Chester at the time and, although it was only two or three days a week, I could barely stay awake on the motorway come 5:30 so of course the spend was justified – a necessary fatigue-reducer.

Its incredible performance allowed me to cruise at 90mph while ticking over at 2000 revs but still return 34mpg (how sensible am I?). A 3 litre 270bhp diesel engine with twin-turbo and a spec that boasts 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and a top speed limited (yes, limited!) to 155mph (not that I ever drove anywhere near that fast of course). I think it must have been the fastest diesel on the planet at the time. Yet you would never have known simply by looking at it, it was in disguise. It was actually quite a challenge to drive my passengers smoothly and not wake them up with an inadvertent twitch on the accelerator pedal.

Karen always joked it was a drug-dealer’s car – she was working at Manchester Multi-Agency Gang Strategy (MMAGS) at the beginning of this car’s residency with us.

So it’s now with Autotrader (this link will probably only work for the next 2 weeks but you might see it here).

I think one of the aspects I will miss the most is the stereo – I paid extra for a beefed-up option – so we’ll have to buy a new stereo – with a different vehicle attached!

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  1. Karen says:

    All the pain of the loss will melt away when you get behind the wheel of our very own work horse Land Rover Defender. Promise x