Well for us it would only ever be for a huge life adventure. After the huge upheaval of our last move (from Thornfield Road to Parsonage Road) I swore I would never leave ‘the most beautiful house in the world’ […]

We are the dogs! To some that may seem like we are lesser beings than the humans, but we are well aware that we come top of their list of priorities, after all, we are the whole reason they are making […]

So, we’re going! As you can imagine, we have been doing quite a bit of clearing, sorting and packing over the last few weeks, so opportunities to blog are rare. In fact, I’m not really sure I have the time […]

So we postponed the preparations to enjoy Christmas and New Year. I think everyone realised this would be the last Christmas in this country that they might share with us, so the result brought us the best Christmas ever. Throughout […]

Friday 6th December 2013 Up at 5am, plane at 8, Athens airport car hire collection, remote support on my laptop in the car park before the giant 5 ½ hour expedition across the mainland. Half of it in the dark, […]

I think I fancy waking up to this!   Flights to Athens booked, now to hire a car. We are going on a mini adventure to see if these views live up to our expectations in the middle of winter. […]

A hundred moons ago, about the time Karen and I got together, I took delivery of the world’s most incredible car. I chose to avoid the ‘sport’ shape and I also chose the ‘de-badge’ option (a strange phrase meaning that […]

Many People have asked what we are going to do when we reach Cephalonia. Well I have no idea, because this adventure has to remain open wide in order for the dream to unfold in the course of time. This […]

But sometimes the nagging fears keep knocking, the ego keeps telling me I am mad making a big mistake, echos of ‘You’ll be Sorry’ ringing through my brain. So, we had the house viewings on Friday and Saturday, and afterwards […]